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Version control


Collaborative development platform to host projects using the Git version control system


Web hosting service for projects using the Mercurial and Git version control system

GitLab Console

Web service versioning and collaborative software development based on Git. In addition to a repository manager, the service also offers wiki hosting and a bug tracking system.


Sourcetree makes it easy to interact with Git repositories. Allows you to view and manage your repositories through the Git GUI

Github Desktop

It is the GUI that allows working with GitHub but with the functionalities and comforts that this type of graphical interfaces allow


Powerful and elegant cross-platform graphical interface for git. It allows to see repositories, branches, tags, create new ones, all the work history and commits in a simple way



It is an open source client for the Apache ™ Subversion® version control system. Manage files and directories and are stored in a central repository


It is an Apache Subversion client, implemented as a low-level VS package extension for Microsoft Visual Studio, which provides an interface to perform revision control operations directly from the Visual Studio IDE.

Front end


It is the HTML language (in its fifth version), which means "hypertext markup language", which is based on a markup language to create documents that can be distributed over the Internet.


It is the CSS language in its third version, it means that it can refer to: Cascading Style Sheets, or web page layout language


It is a style sheet language. The newer syntax, SCSS, uses the block format as CSS


It is a dynamic style sheet language that can be compiled into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and run on the client side or on the server side.

Javascript (es5+)

It is an interpreted programming language, dialect of the ECMAScript standard. Defined as object-oriented, prototype-based, imperative, weakly typed, and dynamic


It is a free and open source programming language. It can be used to develop JavaScript applications that will run on the client or server side.


It is a framework for web applications developed in TypeScript, open source, which is used to create and maintain single page web applications


In a single JavaScript file that contains the common DOM, events, effects and AJAX functionalities. It allows changing the content of a web page without having to reload it, by manipulating the DOM tree and AJAX requests


It is a framework built on top of YUI3 (JavaScript) that uses Bootstrap (HTML / CSS) to provide a simple API to build highly scalable applications

Back end


It is a server-side framework or JavaScript environment that uses an asynchronous and event-driven model


It is a framework or JavaScript environment with Angular that we have developed in Plugcore, open source that implements a CMS- Content Management System (content management system)


It is a web application framework or framework for Node.js, released as free and open source software. It is designed to create web applications and API


Fastify is a web framework or framework highly focused on providing the best experience for developers in an agile way and a powerful plugin architecture. It is inspired by Hapi and Express


It is a framework that allows us to: create applications and services focusing on writing reusable application logic instead of investing time in building infrastructure



It is an open source, object-oriented relational database management system


It is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS, by the acronym in English for Object-Relational Data Base Management System)


It is a relational database management system developed under dual license: General Public License / Commercial License by Oracle Corporation and is considered the most popular open source database in the world


It is a NoSQL database system, document oriented and open source


It is a search server based on Lucene. Provides a multi-tenant, distributed, full-text search engine with a RESTful web interface and JSON documents


It is an open source search engine based on the Java library of the Lucene project, with API in XML / HTTP and JSON, results highlighting, faceted search, cache, and an interface for its administration.

Operating systems

Windows 7

It is the Operating System that the Microsoft company launched after Windows Vista in 2006. It is designed to work on a PC, therefore, you will need an additional program if you want to use it on Mac

Windows 10

It is an operating system whose interface is designed to work on touch screen devices, such as tablets and smartphones, but also on classic computers by means of a mouse and keyboard

Ubuntu Server

It is an operating system with the possibility of carrying out daily operations, entertainment, development and applications for the configuration of the entire system. Its default interface is Unity and it uses GNOME applications


It is an open source operating system, based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, operating in a similar way, and whose objective is to offer the user free "business class" software


It is the Linux enterprise platform, an open source operating system. Extend current applications and deploy new technologies on bare metal machines, virtual environments, containers, and all types of cloud environments

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