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Main features of the hosting


We make daily backups so that you can recover your information in the unlikely event of data loss, hacks or catastrophes.


24/7 personalized monitoring with relevant information about the status of your servers.


We replicate your Software on several servers in different geographical locations to ensure its full availability.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We manage servers that allow users to connect to cloud-based applications over the Internet with any device.


We apply all security policies to prevent intrusions and hacking of your information.


We prepare personalized reports so that you know first-hand the status of the contracted services, with the periodicity that you prefer.

Types of hosting

Cloud server that allows you to reduce costs until you need to scale to dedicated hosting.


We install your products and services on your company's private servers.


Get maximum performance with your own server in the cloud that you can scale whenever you want.


Additional services

We create email accounts and manage your mailboxes in a simple way.


We offer security on all your domains using the https protocol.


Choose the domain name you want with the extensions you prefer (.es, .com, .io, .net...).